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Jan 22 2013, 09:39 AM
Jan 22 2013, 09:31 AM
I really don't think that SAFE are over not wanting to sound mean or anything like that but some people are getting too excited Gary Tomlin is writing for this show and whatever Gary wants Gary gets and that's SAFE. I still see this as more of a SAFE Angst and yes EJ got Sami without scheming this time but once again Sami is running to EJ because she is angry with Rafe, EJ is really easy when it comes to Sami all Sami has to do is click her finger and like a dog in the heat EJ comes running. I mean EJ is a fool, and sounds desperate the chick was reuniting with Rafe and going to sleep with Rafe, Sami professed her love to Rafe, like how many times and she even lied to EJ and leading him on. EJ is truly stupid. Sami is angry because Rafe won't take her side with Will it's like Rafe is just supposed to abandoned his baby sister. Rafe frankly has very right to get angry at Will like Will is some victim *rolls my eyes* and I am glad Rafe tells EJ that Sami was going to reunite and was going to sleep with Rafe and even if Rafe's plan or revenge doesn't work out I am glad Rafe interrupts EJAMI on their make out sessions and sees for who Sami really is that she is a disgusting bulldog whore. Sami does not deserve Rafe. Rafe should rejoice :cheer: he is away from Samantha Brady EJ can have her, I mean hello since Sami can't have Rafe well EJ is there easy peasy. Sami wants what she can't have and I am sure by summer Sami will realise she still loves Rafe and wants him back but this time I think Rafe would have really moved on EJ and Sami will be stuck with EJ Dimera she will regret it. Actually it also says that after EJAMI ''make love'' that the other guy one of Sami's exes aka Rafe might not be out of the picture so Sami after sleeping with EJ is still in love with Rafe she is not over Rafe :lol: here we go. Gary Tomlin's love for SAFE ain't over this is definitely a SAFE story by November I predict that SAFE will get back together. I am not a Safe Fan, nor a EJAMI fan just stating an observation from what I am reading and observation.
I totally agree with everything you wrote. And I wonder how long it'll be before we get another Safe spoiler.
This worries me as an eternal EJAMI fan... I did not want to see EJAMI happen with SAFE lingering around.. and frankly I am not happy how they have written this.

Sure, I can put on my EJAMI glasses and rejoice for all good EJAMI scenes we will get in the near future.. but heartbreaking for me as an EJAMI fan to have SAFE hovering over like a black cloud.

I don't like how they have changed EJ to give this, :-/ ... frankly I could come up with much better alternatives how EJAMI could have happened and EJ still remained how he is suppose to be (which is a mean and lean sexy beast with a heart.. which belongs to Sami).. but we got THIS instead. And Sami would finally be herself.. her family would probably hate it but at least loved by EJ and would go against her family to be with the man she loves. I mean that is what I want to see.. but .. now its just .. arrgg! I mean why couldn't Sami said "Rafe.. I don't want you..I only was with you because you are the kind of guy my family respect.. " drop him and go to the man she loves. etc..., instead we have Sami running like a bad cameo of "gone with the wind" in the square after finding out EJ did something and kissing Rafe like a teenager and uhh and ohh.. and EJ of course sees it. Like he watched sami go marry this man... I still remember the sadness in his eyes. :/ Then we have the escape after being framed.. it was Sami and EJ alone.. finally I thought. They could now be true to each other without their families hanging over them. EJ was no longer Dimera.. and I thought we would get some days of being on the run,... having some interesting scenes. BUT no.. the next thing we see showing up at the door.. if not Rafe. I remembered how EJ looked when he saw them. It was like their moment was gone with the wind... yes we did have the lovely yellow flowers.. but nothing happened. If I remember correctly there was Rafe melding in again. The Nicole child fiasco.. with Rafe being the "father" :( sami was willing to be with Rafe there again. Then we have the new year.. which is suppose to be EJ and Sami on a date. Instead he comes in and steals the midnight kiss right under Ejs noise thanks to Nicole ,.. and Sami is all dreamy about it. And of course we have the wedding.. I mean,.. this is not what I signed up for as an EJAMI fan..

I just want EJAMI to happen in a fun and exciting way,... with no doubts, no stupid twists, with no condition or changes to the characters foundations itself. After 6+ years.. is that to much to ask?

THE EJAMI is there to be wonderful.. but the writers are ruin it for me ..

Since I am EJAMI fan I will put on the EJAMI glasses and enjoy the moments ... while I can... and hope for the best .. that my EJ is getting back to the character I used to really love and Sami .. will love him - which he deserves after years loving this impossible woman.. thanks to the implausible writings.
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