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Now don't come whoopin' my ass at the grocery store cause I picked on your fav on here!

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Quoting limited to 4 levels deepSource Look Ahead: Week of February 4, 2013

Sami and EJ finally make lovenever
I do remember hearing in high school that sperm can permeate through certain types of clothing. Now if Rafe's love juice can go through his pants, overcome the fact that he appears to be shooting blanks, and manages to impregnate the woman whom he's failed to impregnate thus far despite hundreds of attempts, he deserves EJ's super sperm crown.
lol, i don't think EJ's gonna be handing off his sperm-crown anytime soon. He's either super-concentrated b/c of his once/yr sex life, or (and more likely) Stefano had Rolf genetically enhance his sperm with GPS so they can find their target every.time.
The idea of EJ having GPS sperm is cracking me up like you wouldn't believe.

Me too! I spit all over everythign laughing and then laughed HARDER! :wub2:
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