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There are many Sami moments that I've enjoyed over the years. They're too numerous to list, but I have a few favourite Sami moments just off the top of my head, in no particular order:

- When Sami kidnapped Belle and then tried to sell her. (I couldn't find the specific scene I wanted, but this is an idea).

- When Sami and Kate teamed up to take Nicole down - the scene at the Cheatin' Heart where they're dancing on the bar is awesome.

- Many, many catfights between Sami and Nicole through the years. I particularly like the fight in the morgue.

- The reveal that Sami had been masquerading as Stan in 2005.

- Sami and EJ's dinner with Mr. Burke at Chez Rouge in 2008 during the Immigration storyline.

- EJ and Sami comfort each other when they believe that Johnny is missing, then fight and have sex when they believe that Johnny is dead.

- Will reveals to Sami that he witnessed her encounter with EJ.

- EJ and Sami discuss their trials over a bottle of wine (even though I wasn't crazy about the beehive hair).

- Sami's scenes around the cliffhanger this past summer.

- Sami reaming Gabi out just last week.

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