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Jan 22 2013, 01:00 PM
Kate and Cameron kind of make sense to me based on things other people in this thread have said. I'm not sure why Kate would want to keep it secret, though - Cameron doesn't appear to be connected to Stefano or anyone else who might want to make her suffer consequences for it. Maybe Cameron would want to keep it a secret if he has Abigail in his sights again...and we don't really know enough about him to know what he's capable of and who his connections to the canvas (aside from Abe and Theo) might be. It would be out of left field but potentially kind of hot. Will they want another older woman/younger man affair going on while Brady and Kristen are still hot and heavy though?

Maybe Kate and Chad, which would be shocking and kind of screwed up for lots of reasons - he's courting Abigail, she used to be his stepmother - but the stepmother angle, again, makes it a bit too similar to Brady/Kristen.

Kafe doesn't make a lot of sense at all, but who knows?
Sometimes the wording of spoilers is very misleading. The word "affair" makes me wonder most here. Is this really an affair (=sexual relationship over quite some time) or an ONS. If it is an ONS then Kate and Cameron come to my mind (especially since the recast Cameron is supposed to be more of a shady character). I don't think they are going full-fledged affair with them, because there already is the Kristen-Brady relationship.

Whatever, lol, what do I know? I am always wrong with my predictions!

It's probably Kate and Nick...kidding, I hope (for Kate's sake) lol.
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