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I would have liked the Will scenes much better if he was talking with Marlena. It would have played more true for me if Will was opening up to someone we knew he really trusted. This was disappointing because if felt plot driven over character driven.

Thank you Carolyn for Nicole's spunky dialogue today. It feels as though the old Nicole is re-emerging and I love it! Also enjoyed the Nicole/Gabi heart-to-heart although I felt the scene was definitely slanted more toward Rafe being appreciative and impressed with this side of Nicole. I'm okay with that because it builds even more reason for Nicole and Rafe to remain friends and I like their relationship.

I find it odd that Rafe hasn't searched out Will to have a conversation about the baby. I would think being a 'fact man' Rafe would be eager to hear Will's side of things. I like how tender and supportive he is of his messed up lil sister, but he's also always had a decent relationship with Will so it makes no sense he wouldn't want to hear him out.

Sami was a hot mess. Will needs to feel what he feels and come to his own decisions to be right with it all. Sami gearing him up for a custody battle reverts her back to the selfish brat instead of compassionate mother - everything must be a fight and Will knows only too well what that means to the innocent child.

I guess reverting Sami is the name of the game in the way she went off on Rafe for having sympathy and sticking up for his pregnant sister. Throwing past crimes against Nick and Gabi as reasons why they are unfit is quite the laugh considering the source and Ej as the man she is always touting as the world's best father. Okay Sami, whatever. She really needs to take her blah, blah, blah off somewhere else. She tires me.

I like devious Chloe, but man her purposes would have been so much better suited for Brady. Daniel just isn't interesting.

It was so cool to see Justin get gradually more uncomfortable with Nick and then finally throw his money back on the table. Excellent scene.

I'm interested to see more of Nick's prison back story to understand more of where he is coming from. Right now he's just appalling me with this obsessive drive to cut Will out.
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