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Great show today with a typically strong Carolyn Culliton script.

I love how all the teams behind Will and Gabi are starting to line up. I have to say adding Nicole to #TeamGabi was an unexpected and pleasant surprise. With the competition they're going up against, Nicole is going to be a good asset. And their conversation played really naturally too. Nicole's granny line to Sami was awesome. I always love a Sole fight.

Ejill was great too. It makes sense that Will would feel more comfortable telling everything to EJ rather than his family. They're close enough, but Will also has no need or desire to impress EJ, so he can be honest without fear of disappointment or judgment. And I thought EJ's reaction was good too. He didn't try to parent Will, he just listened which I thought was appropriate.

I continue not to give a shit about Dannifer, but Anne and Chloe are managing to make this story slightly entertaining. I'm so rooting for them to make Jen go insane. If the didn't make Jen and Dan so icky after Jack's death, I might actually be enjoying this . As it is, I can just tolerate.

Like I said upthread, I think irrational, meddling mama is the right role for Sami. I wish they would've taken her in this direction years ago. She's so much more entertaining when she's antagonizing rather than weeping. Her scenes with Will were great and even though her reaction to Rafe was OTT, it at least feels like an issue Sami would be OTT about.

Yay for Justin giving Nick his money back. It's obvious that Nick is going to be a villain in this story, but kudos to BB for not letting Nick turn into a cartoon thus far. I'm hoping what he reveals to Gabi about his time in prison further explains his motivations.
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