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Jan 22 2013, 03:59 PM
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Jan 22 2013, 10:32 AM
I'll be interested to see what Sami says about "the real Rafe." Because, right now, it still sounds like this is about the Wabi mess and, specifically, Rafe having the audacity to stick up for his sister. And if they don't clear that up, then I can't buy this round of Evami any more than I could buy the 2010 version because Sami's sudden realization of her feelings for Everett seem to have more to do with being mad at Rafe than anything else. And, unless she has an amazing confession, Everett's willingness to buy this sudden realization smacks of a bit of stupidity. Of course, that is one of his best qualities.

Maybe I'm wrong. In fact, I hope I am because I would like this crap to be over. But I'm not holding my breath. I'm not that lucky.
Yeah, I'm really interested to see how Sami explains her realization regarding Rafe and Everertt, as that should give us a good idea of how just how real this go round of Evermi is. If it's just that Rafe isn't supportive of Will and so she's mad, then that's pretty flimsy and can easily be undone once the Wabi baby issue is resolved. But if the baby conflict led Sami to a realization that Rafe only supports her when she agrees with him or is acting the way he wants her to act, then I think it's more of a real break-up.

As of now, I'm seeing some signs that this go round with Evermi is going to be real. They've given Everett rootable writing lately. He isn't harboring a big secret that is going to blow up. Both are getting all their cards on the table before they have sex. They're talking about the reasons for her choice. Etc, etc. I guess we will know by next week just how real it is going to be after Sami explains her decision.
Oh, I think it's going to be real -- at least for some period of time. I'm just not necessarily going to buy it unless Sami's confession is something other than "Rafe's being a jerk to Will." Because even if she proclaims her undying love for Everett, her rejection of Rafe was based on something external and that means it can always change.

Honestly, it all reminds me of Ejole v. 2.0. I'm just wondering when Rafe and Sami will have their notdeadbabysex moment.
Except we knew Ejole 2.0 was going to be over before they officially began since EJ went into the relationship with the grief sex lie hanging over his head.
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