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Jan 22 2013, 03:20 PM
Jan 22 2013, 02:29 PM
I like this version of Sami. Sure, she's hypocritical, reactionary and jumping to incorrect conclusions, but she's playing the meddling mama bear role that I think is probably the role she should have on the show now. IMO, Sami has always been a better character (and AS a better actress) when she's playing an antagnositic, rather than a victim, role in a story. Sami's getting too old to be scheming to get a man, so scheming in relation to her kids seems to make sense as a direction for her. As I read it the write-up, she's reminding me a lot of the role that Kate played for years in regards to Lucas and Will. I just wish Gabi was a worthy adversary because the story could be GREAT then.
I think it would have been perfect if they hasn't spent the last few years trying to convince us she was their lead heroine.
If they're willing to forget that happened, I'm certainly not going to argue.

The ejill scenes were very good. I'm glad that Will got a chance to just talk and sort out his feelings with someone who knows what it's like to be separated from their kids and who doesn't really have a dog in the fight. I did roll my eyes a bit at Will's shock that EJ was helping him, though. The recent team ejill story just happened. EJ hiring a lawyer was nice, but if Will decides he wants to use the lawyer to fight for custody instead of draw up an adoption agreement, I hope EJ reminds him that they can make the case go in Will's favor.

I missed the reason why Daniel went from angry at Jen to groveling to her. And even though it's unlike Chloe, I do have to admit I'm enjoying seeing her organize a scam. I also like her connection with Anne.

It was surprising that Sami brought up Gabi's crimes; gives me hope that the whole story is going to come out and blow up in Gabi's face.

Good for Justin for turning Nick down.
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