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Very happy to see Jill Larson! YAY! I'm shocked at least a few more AMCers haven't signed on. I know Erica and Susan are THE important person for AMC, but frankly, she shouldn't be. I love her, she is THE face but they should focus on getting a good show and not casting people whether or not Susan signs on. We can still get Bianca.

Most surprising to me was no Bianca, MEK or Cady. I really thought the latter two would sign on. Jackson CAN be viable without Erica if they even bothered to try. He has a whole side of family that can be utilized!

Thorsten was surprising to say the least LOL. I never thought he'd do it. I do fully expect Alicia and Cameron once they have some time from their current projects. I think they would have signed on if they weren't so busy. Cam pretty much admitted to that. Alicia I think really wants to but really wants to keep her options open and I can't blame her (at least that is the vibe she always gives off in interviews about it). I could see her recurring. I could also see Chrishell, honestly (recurring). I mean, seriously, what is she doing?
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