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Jan 22 2013, 06:00 PM
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Jan 22 2013, 03:50 PM
This scene where she said she wanted her baby to be a Dimera gave me chills and the way she kissed EJ, it knocked him off his feet. The cabin scene also showed that Sami could be sexy and seductive.

Yes! Possibly the best scene from classic EJ and Sami. They're both playing the other and each thinks they have the upper hand. That was hot.
Putting my vote in for this as well. EJami scenes on April 5th, 2007 I believe. My favorite Sami quote from that classic exchange:

"See, E.J., I think you'd be a fool to trust me again. I don't think you should take your eyes off of me. Watch my every move. Don't listen to a word I say or how I say it. I think you shouldn't take anything at face value. See, I think trust weakens people. And I know you're not a weak man. And no matter what you think of me, E.J...I am not a weak woman"

I wanted to grab dates or clips of a couple others but I will also put my vote in for the "I saw you" moment to Marlena about her affair.

Also her failed Vegas wedding (I remember loving that dress) and I was rooting for her....hard!

Ummm....EJami dance in the abandoned house. August, 2006.

The EJami scene leading up to grief sex in 2011.

Her speech to Roman about being who she is and no longer apologizing for it. She then turned on her heel and left to go have lunch with EJ. This was in October of 2006. I will try to find the exact date.

Also the anti-Brady speech to EJ at Chez Rouge, also October 2006.
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