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The latest SOD features an article about Sami and EJ.

Sami realizes she has to come clean with EJ and confess that she planned to reunite with Rafe before the baby drama unfolded at Gabi and Nick's wedding. Too bad Rafe beats her to the punch and tells EJ instead.

Across town, Sami engages in a harsh confrontation with Gabi, incensed by Gabi and Nick's efforts to pursue full custody of Will's baby. Nick steps between the two women and demands Sami back off. Later, Nick updates Rafe about what went down between the two ladies.

Meanwhile, at Sami's apartment, she tells EJ about where things where headed with Rafe. EJ appears to take the news in stride, preferring to focus on where their own relationship is headed. The two fall into a kiss and are about to make love when Rafe interrupts, furious over Sami's treatment of Gabi. Rafe notices how at home EJ seems but chooses to focus on Gabi.

"If Sami wants to make the decision to be with EJ, Rafe isn't going to stand in the way, says Galen Gering. "He basically sees it as Sami's bad choice."

After Rafe's departure, Sami quietly tells EJ that she now sees both men for who they really are and adds that it makes her choice clear. She kisses EJ and they begin to make love.

For more, check out the latest SOD.
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