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Viewing Single Post From: Will sees Sonny and Brian Kiss!

Jan 22 2013, 07:23 PM
The latest SOD (2/4/13) features an article about Will and Sonny.

Brian puts the moves on Sonny, fully aware that he's having problems with Will.

Freddie Smith previews that "He catches Sonny at a vulnerable time and he agrees to the date." Smith also points out that Will's secret that he fathered Gabi's baby played a huge role in Sonny's decision to go out with Brian. "In contrast to Will, Brian seems more mature and seems to have his life together," Smith says.

Wile Sonny is with Brian, the two kiss-and it's seen by Will. But, later, when Brian tries to have sex with Sonny, he backs off, saying that he isn't ready to get that close. Will, meanwhile, runs into Justin, who lends a sympathetic ear.

Unfortunately, that doesn't stop Brian from gloating to Will that he had sex with Sonny...

For more, check out the latest SOD.

Didn't he sleep with Gabby because he saw them together the first time. I hope he does't get into another idea out of Jealousy.
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