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They know that Sami shot EJ? Hmm. I don't remember any of that. Nonetheless, the only person I really need to know is Gabi.
Yes. That's why there was a lot of people who were annoyed that the SPD was covering things up.

Jan 22 2013, 07:11 PM
Jan 22 2013, 07:01 PM

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Right. But as lysie has said before, Sami's behavior hasn't changed over the last few years, the way the show treats it has. And that aspect has not changed yet. Which is why it is frustrating to see her get praised to the nines for the same shit she's been doing simply because it's directed at Rafe/Gabi instead of at EJ.
The fact that Rafe isn't backing Sami on this is a big example of Sami's behavior not getting the treatment it used to during the DH years.

And another thing - Marlenaa and Will's disapproval of Sami's actions has also helped. It's been a very long time since we've consistently seen Sami the heroine - a least a year.
Personally, I don't think we've ever seen Sami the heroine. We've only seen Sami treated as a heroine by others. MarDar and TomSell both seem to want to play it both ways with her. Regardless, I think Higley and Sheffer spent so much time making her a fake heroine, that any work to the opposite needs to be REAL obvious. Having her head to head with Gabi didn't help at all.
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