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Jan 22 2013, 07:42 PM
Jan 22 2013, 07:26 PM
i'm team Rafe here. Can't say I'm the guy's biggest supporter, but heck if Sami isn't more delusional than ever. She remembers her own son shot EJ in the back, yes?

Anyway, I just wish all of the "adults" would stay out of Will and Gabi's business and leave them the heck alone. Now I admit, I prefer hypocritical Sami to sainthood Sami anyday, but it does wear on one after a while...
Gabi and Will have, when not being influenced by others, shown that they care about each other. She respected Will's desire to know his child enough to make the godfather offer. He respects her enough to want to do what is right by her, although he isn't always sure what that is.

There's been nothing onscreen that indicates the two couldn't sit down with a counselor and work out a custody arrangement. I know for drama's sake, that's not going to happen, at least for awhile. But I think the show has gone out of its way to make it the influence of others that's causing the friction. I still can't get over what idiots Sami and Rafe were (both of them) when they found out.

But I'm guessing that eventually, Gabi and Will are just going to work things out. I do wish Sonny was more involved though. Maybe he and Gabi can get trapped in a mountain cabin when she's about to give birth in classic soap style.
Yeah, Will and Gabi have always been close and it's more of outside influences that are creating the issues (Nick, Sami, Rafe). Some of it is odd and sort of forced, such as WABI just not agreeing on joint custody from the get go or Rafe being against Will when they've always been close. But the way it's being set up does add to the drama and creates conflict for many characters I suppose.
I can see a big emotional scene for the childbirth (much like when Will was born). Will will be by Gabi's side for the delivery and many family member/friends will be there to support them. But that's months away and though some of the drama will be predictable until then, it could be fun to see it all unfold. Even though we predicted the NABI wedding fallout, it was still good stuff to watch.
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