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Personally, I don't think we've ever seen Sami the heroine. We've only seen Sami treated as a heroine by others. MarDar and TomSell both seem to want to play it both ways with her. Regardless, I think Higley and Sheffer spent so much time making her a fake heroine, that any work to the opposite needs to be REAL obvious. Having her head to head with Gabi didn't help at all.
I think those two things are functionally the same. IMO, not having the known good guys rally around her when she's doing the wrong thing is enough to distinguish Sami the heroine from Sami the antagonist.
I wouldn't call Will a good guy, and Marlena wasn't around during most of the "heroine" talk anyway. For me, it needs to be people like Caroline, Winston, and Hope.
I don't think Will is a good guy either, but at the time I'm talking about, he was a kid who said terrible things to his mom while other folks stood back and watched for the most part. That's not something that would happen to the heroine of the story. Marlena wasn't around during the heroine talk, but she is now, which is the time frame I'm talking about lol. If she had been around during the heroine period, I have no doubt she would have joined Bo, Roman etc. on team Sami is Right.
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