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Except we knew Ejole 2.0 was going to be over before they officially began since EJ went into the relationship with the grief sex lie hanging over his head.
Well, I guess I was thinking more of the pre-notdeadbabysex stuff. All the parts where EJ was begging Nicole to forgive him and declaring his undying love and promising that she was the only one he wanted, etc., etc., etc. And then notdeadbabysex happened. And then it went on from there admittedly.

But, Sami's change of heart and whatnot does remind me of EJ with Nicole in that time period. All the EJole fans were happy because they were finally going to get their couple and EJami was over. And now the EJami fans are saying they are finally going to get their couple and Safe is over.

I could be totally wrong, but the parallels frighten me. Because it all feels like some kind of big set-up.
I'd say the parallel would be true if Safe would've actually had sex before the wedding and Ejami would've reunited/slept together before EJ knew the truth. As it is spoiled though, they both have all cards on the table before they officially start their relationship and knock boots. KC did say they have a "surprise" coming in their story though, so I full expect the bliss to be short-lived
And after that part about a big surprise coming Corday said, "but the big question will be does Sami still have feelings for Rafe or is EJ really the man for her?" I think Sami will soon have sex with Rafe too and the big surprise will be her pregnant and not knowing who the father is.
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