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Slightly late (sorry -- I never got the chance to pour through the YouTube clips like I had been hoping to), but these are my picks. They've all been mentioned before, so it's not a big deal if it's too late for them to be counted.

As I mentioned earlier, I'm going with scenes that have absolutely nothing to do with E.J., who has done more to ruin Sami than anyone else has, IMO. Luckily, that still leaves plenty of great moments, but it also cuts out most of the scenes involving Chandler Massey, since a lot of those scenes mention E.J.'s name, at the very least.

The videos for all of these have already been linked here, so I'll just name the scenes.

- The scene where Sami confronted Marlena about Marlena and John's affair.

- The wedding where Sami's lies about Will's paternity were revealed.

- The scene where Marlena talked to (and later sang to) Sami before Sami's execution.

And, simply because it'd be nice to mention something that (as far as I can recall) hasn't already been mentioned...this scene, where the severity of Will's situation finally starts to sink in, is really good...but even it involves E.J. to some extent. :badmood:

The part that I'm talking about starts at 3:21.

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