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Yeah, I just feel like they're letting Susan hold them up shoring up the rest of the cast. They DON'T need her to still cast/add characters like Bianca (who I thought for sure we'd see listed), even Jack, etc.

We'll see. I just find the AMC news and list very discouraging. I mean, there's still time, I don't think they are even starting to tape until sometime in late February, but who knows, I don't think that's been confirmed. However, if they expect to be on by April (also not confirmed but it's been tossed around) ...

Just sucks for AMC. I knew a lot of younger roles would need to be recast, you have some who have just moved on, and others who are busy with projects. I think a lot of the cast was very burned by ABC moving the show, then cancelling it, Prospect Park picking it up then dropping it. I can see why the cast wouldn't be running to the project.
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