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I kinda liked the Anna and Sonny scenes. I don't want it as a regular thing but I liked it. Finola is just ... sigh. God, I love her. The mere mention of Robin's name and the pain instantly showed. Just terrific. However, I wasn't all that thrilled of her running into Luke's arms like a teenager. I have NOT missed them together. At all. I do like Anna's position in it though. I hope the Duke angle is explored more because right now they need to be in scenes and discussing things. They're just jumping into this triangle. Yeah, the reminded us about Duke and Anna as Faison was masquerading as Duke but now that Duke is actually here ... IDK. I want a little more. I'm sure I'm just being impatient. It also annoyed me to see Anna's reaction because she all but shrugged her shoulders when he left and she found out he was taken prisoner in Turkey. She had Duke back and just couldn't care less. It was kinda jarring. I know it wasn't meant to be seen like that, I'm sure but that's how I took it. This triangle just ... IDK.

I have liked seeing Mac and Felicia a little more. Especially with Duke. So nice. I just can't believe when I turn on GH that I get to see Lucy, AJ, Monica, Felicia, Duke, Anna, Faison, etc. It's still surreal.

The Maxie storyline is so ugh. But, not gonna lie, I'm finally becoming a Kirsten Storms fan. I think she has actually done a pretty good job in this and as annoying as Maxie is by always keeping her mouth shut and causing herself more problems, this aspect has been OK for me. I do hate the storyline and find it all so pointless and convoluted. I'll skip on talking about Spinelli. If you don't have anything nice to say ... why is Maxie so head over heels for this thing? Ellie I can buy. I like Ellie and Spinelli together and the actress playing Ellie is very talented. They need to keep her around. I just feel like she will ultimately be a victim of this storyline. However, it's not an all around horrible storyline, just a bit unrealistic. It's definitely soapy.

I really miss when I liked Luke. I don't know why but I am so disappointed he's back and I hate feeling like that. It's nice seeing Dante and Lulu staying together. Kinda rare for a younger couple on soaps. The writing for them is a bit too sugary sweet and boring. It also doesn't help I like Dante a little bit more away from Lulu. And while I get the baby thing is huge for Lulu, I'm kinda over her constantly obsessing over it and Maxie. She's like a broken record. Doesn't she work? Isn't there SOMETHING else she can talk about?

Oh, almost forgot about Kawny and Olivia. I actually didn't mind that. I do take issue with the fact that Olivia and Sonny are both practically crawling to Kawny just because she's FINALLY showing human relatability. I think this kind of writing should have been there months ago. It just seems so far into it and they are using Sonny and Olivia to try and make Kawny viable. It is sort of working for me, honestly. I wish I cared more about Kate/Kawny though. Nothing against Kelly Sullivan but I still see Megan Ward as Kate. I can't help it. I really liked her. I could absolutely buy Sonny wanting THAT Kate back, not this Kate, so I'm kinda OK with Kawny sticking around. She is so offensive yet entertaining at the same time.

I miss AJ and Lucy on my screen.
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