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Jazmine Franks has been doing an amazing job with Esther's bullying storyline. I'm glad that Kirkwood and Lime Productions had the episode solely focused on her storyline, during Esther's desperate final act to try and take herself out of this life, to try and make everything go away.

I want Ruby and Sinead to pay for their behavior and be known for being horrible bullies.
I want Frankie to truly understand that she is a horrible caregiver and grandmother.

It just amazes me that for months, she's allowed a complete stranger to talk crap about her own flesh and blood right in front of her and she never stood up for Esther. Esther couldn't say anything to her, because by Frankie's own actions, she felt like she wasn't loved or wanted by her grandmother at that point.

This is the same woman, that believed the sun rose and set in all of her kids behinds, including Jake (who had a nervous breakdown) and her precious Craig.

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