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Jan 22 2013, 03:13 PM
The scenes of EJ and Will today made a lot of sense to me. Will is in a state of mind where he doesn't want to be told by either of his parents how he should feel or act or what he should do. EJ is someone who Will knows has enough skeletons lurking in his closet so that he isn't going to judge. Will also doesn't have to worry about disappointing EJ because they don't have that kind of relationship. He was able to be honest with EJ in a way that he probably couldn't be with anybody in his family. He needed to be able to talk to someone in order to get his thoughts in order. EJ served that purpose.
chad would fit better so much better he been his he been friend longer there one bit agenda with frendship with chad about unlike ej when he want to score points and before will had dirt on him and chad own past with mia and her baby

ej is been force in the storyline the fact ej and will spend more time talking than marlena and will or will and lucas did last week which have been all plot to nick to hear it
they writers certainly think ej more important to be than lucas while lucas was only use to nick find dirt over will
sami and lucas are not Enemies now and she said she thing is good father and yet she sent ej to talk with will
ej been force in the story because they try to sell ej and sami as family unit of will while lucas as outsider
it does not matter who sami pair with the problem is when the show try sell pairing like they did rafe in past they had the kids woreship and sami and rafe were written as family unit for all sami kids while ej and luca as outsiders it suck than and it suck now
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