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Jan 23 2013, 04:06 AM
Re-watching the show right now...something I missed yesterday but have to note: Sami's mention of Will having sex with Gabi without a condom. She even said the word "condom". They've acknowledged condoms exist! And should be utilized! Well done, show. Well done.
Also, Will and Gabi used them the first time they had sex, and the show made a pretty big deal about it. So, Will and Gabi certainly should have known better.

I loved Justin, btw. Justin was never a stupid character, and I'm glad he picked up on Nick.

I do have a hard time, given EJ's history, seeing him be kind to Will. But I can fanwank that being Johnny and Sydney's father has mellowed him and that he would genuinely want his children's big brother to be protected. I enjoyed the scene for its own sake, especially Will's assertion that giving up his child was not the easy way out.

I could barely pay attention to Gabi and Rafe. Boring. That's a weak link in this story. While Nick, though he is being set up as the bad guy, is a very compelling on screen presence. He's even my favorite kind of villain, the kind they think they are the hero. But Gabi and Rafe, I don't care enough about them to pay close attention to their scenes. I went and refilled my coffee.
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