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That's my biggest problem. They've spent the last few years making it clear that Sami is a heroine and, therefore, is in the right. When she shot EJ, she was in the right. When she lied to him about Sydney/Grace, she was in the right. She and Rafe were the new supercouple. She was the best mother ever. Even notdeadbabysex was justified and understandable according to the show.

So, everything I've seen in the last few years makes me believe I'm supposed to think Sami is right when she attacked Gabi and in everything she's said in defending Will. And that's just bullshit. Everybit as much bullshit as when she shot EJ and lied about the baby. So, unless the show makes it clear that Sami is the antagonist and is the "villain" much like Kate has always been when it comes to meddling in her kids lives, then this is all just more crap.
Has the show done this with Sami, cause I don't see that at all?

I see that they've done this with Rafe, but never Sami.

(Did you think when she was trying to bash Arianna's head in with a paperweight that she was "right" or justified in trying to hide her secret of shooting EJ?)

I guess I just see her as a "flawed" character trying to do better, yet still making mistakes because she never thinks anything through. She just reacts in the moment.

I "get" her attacking Gabi, doesn't mean I think she's right in doing so. I understand her "anger" at the situation as a whole and wanting to blame someone. Even if there really is no one to blame.

On another note, I think there is a bird trapped in my office, so I'm going to go and see about that.
I didn't think she was right in any of it, but I think the show portrayed her that way. EJ was going to take her kids and she was at the end of her rope, so she was justified in shooting him in the head. And EJ was the bastard for taking the kids and forcing her to tell Johnny she didn't love him. Same with the notdeadbabysex. I thought Arianna was portrayed as the bad guy because she was going to rat out Sami. Will and Rafe were the good guys for protecting Sami. Another comparison is that Sami was the good guy for lying about her pregnancy, but EJ was the evildoer for kidnapping Sydney.

Now, if Sami actually gets some comeuppance this time around (like Will disowning her or something), then I might buy that her role has changed and be glad for it. But without that, it's just the same old BS.
I soooooo need for Will to despise Sami. There is no Earthly reason why he shouldn't!!
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