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I'm really enjoying the surrogate storyline now that Maxie is pregnant with Spinelli's baby. I think it's an awesome twist. Very soapy. I don't care at all if there is nothing logical about it. I'm able to suspend belief, because it's an interesting take on the story, and allows it to move forward without getting tiresome, or going to the usual surrogate storyline route where Maxie would develop feelings for Dante. Who wants to see that? Not me.

And I absolutely love Spinelli and Ellie. It probably has more to do with Ellie, who I'm just head over heels for. She's made me like Spinelli for the first time since he showed up in 2006.

Olivia and Connie's scenes were nice. I liked them getting closer. The dancing was cute. I'm glad they're softening Connie. I honestly wouldn't be upset if we never see Kate again if Connie is going to be written this way.

Anna and Sonny was a pleasant surprise. Neither was really propping the other. They were just discussing the mess both of their lives are in.
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