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Jan 23 2013, 01:28 PM
What's ironic about this Nick/Gabi/Will story is how totally checked out she is. Nick & Will totally go at it and all she can do is stand there as a complete non-entity. Now, I know some people will say it's because Gabi is a dull non-character, but I believe it's an actually story choice. Gabi doesn't want to take sides, but she's going to have to eventually. Everyone else is running the show for Gabi and she's letting them because as long as someone else makes her life decisions for her. IMO, there'll come a point when Gabi snaps. In any event, I'm loving this Nick/Will showdown.

I'm enjoying Sami/Rafe as bitter & vicious adversaries FAR more than I've ever enjoyed them as a couple.
I agree with this reading. Gabi being submissive is deliberate. I imagine there is a voice in her subconscious somewhere that is telling her something isn't quite right with the way Nick is going about things - but she's dominated by him, and he's been utterly loyal to and accepting of her. She doesn't want to mess with that and risk losing him. He's kept her out of prison, accepted another man's child, declared his love - after the otherwise disastrous way her romantic life has played out, there's no way she wants to give up Nick. And I believe she really does think she's in love with him. At the same time, she doesn't want to hurt Will or damage their friendship. She has no acrimonious feelings toward him. I want to believe that Gabi is going to ultimately take control of her own fate, but the fact that she isn't right now seems very much on purpose.
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