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Nick secretly plots against Will.
Sami goes to EJ for help with Willís paternity issues.
Rafe warns Gabi about Will pushing for custody of their unborn child.
Chloe tries to track Daniel down in the face of an emergency.
Jennifer gets caught in a lie.
Kristen tries to convince Brady to take their relationship to the next level.

Tuesday- EJ and Sami decide to take their relationship to the next level
Friday- Daniel and Chloe go to Chicago for a night out with Brady and Kristen

**UPDATED 1/28**

Next on Days of our Lives, Will and Lucas are unaware of the danger Nick poses to their secrets. EJ and Sami establish their relationship; Brady and Kristen go on a double date with Daniel and Jennifer.

Sneak Peeks: Week of Feb. 4, 2013

Nick secretly plots against Will and Lucas, devising a scheme to entrap them and secure evidence of their cover up of EJís shooting. Will and Lucas play right into their cousinís hands when Nick records their conversation. Will and Lucas are rattled when skeletons from their past could be revealed.

Julie tells Gabi about Nickís difficult time in prison. Will she learn the history behind his scar?

Sami and EJ make love and work to build their relationship on solid grounds. After a serious discussion, they decide to keep their recently renewed relationship a secret. Sami turns to EJ for help with Willís paternity issues. Can they come up with a plan to help establish Willís rights?

Rafe and Sami have another ugly confrontation, this time about Samiís relationship with EJ.

Jennifer tells Chloe she wonít give up Daniel without a fight, a challenge Chloe is all too happy to accept. Chloe tries to weasel info out of Jennifer, who is all too willing to give it up. It looks like Jennifer has finally bested her rival, but will a medical emergency be her undoing?

Kristen tries to convince Brady to take their relationship to the next level and get married! When Brady doesnít seem to receptive, Kristen steps up her attempts to get what she wants.

Nicole tries to distance herself from Eric in light of Kristen figuring out sheís falling for him, but it only draws Ericís suspicions. Can Nicole avoid her self-destructive tendencies?

Rafe warns Gabi about Will pushing for custody of their unborn child, noting itíll only make things worse between them.

Jennifer gets caught in a lie.

DVR Alerts

Tuesday- EJ and Sami decide to take their relationship to the next level

Friday- Daniel and Chloe go to Chicago for a night out with Brady and Kristen

Source Look Ahead: Feb. 11, 2013 Edition

Two people you would not expect end up in bed together after drowning their sorrows at the bar. Any guesses? Will thinks there may be hope for him and Sonny.


**UPDATED 1/29**

Daniel has to cut his romantic getaway with Jenn short when Chloe calls in a panic over Parker. The doctor rushes back to the mansion and discovers that the kid is okay. He is not amused. He lashes out at the diva until Parker starts calling him Ďdaddyí. That warms the cockles of his heart. Later, Jenn issues Chloe a stern warning. She and the doctor plan a night out with Brady and Kristen in Chicago. Thatís not the only planning Jenn does. She also turns to Nicole for some advice on how to deal with the diva. Jenn feeds false information to Chloe about where she and the doctor are going. Chloe falls for it and is furious when her plans to interrupt them falls apart. When she gets home to Parker, she discovers he has a severely high temperature. Unfortunately, itís almost impossible to track Daniel down.

Cam and Abby have breakfast together. They feel pretty optimistic about things. Meanwhile, Will doesnít feel too optimistic. He hands Sonny back the keys to his place and reminds him that he loved him so much that he was willing to give up his own child for him.

As John hunts down Stefano in Europe, Marlena lashes out at Kristen in Salem. She only succeeds in making things worse. The DiMera decides it is time to up the ante. She plans to jilt him at the altar. She soon discovers she might have trouble getting him there though. When she mentions marriage to him, he laughs in her face. He explains that itís too fast and he wouldnít want to rub that in his fatherís face. She claims John wouldnít have to know. He still doesnít like the idea. Meanwhile, Victor presses to have Nicole arrested for stealing Titan files. Hope manages to talk him out of it. Kristen decides to try and forge a truce with Nicole. That fails. The DiMera points out how obvious Nicís lust for Eric is. Nicole is appalled but canít hide the truth and does her best to avoid the priest, which confuses him.

Elvis and Sami hit the sheets. Although that makes her feel warm and fuzzy, not everyone is feeling so good about it. When Brady hears she has reunited with him, he thinks sheís being a twit. The news of the naked nookie continues to spread. Johnny knows all about it and blabs to Rafe. He declares that was the final nail in the coffin for that relationship. Caroline and Gabi both try to talk him around but no dice. When he runs into Samanther, they have a brutal battle about her bedmate. This fight is so big it manages to also be about Willís claim over the baby. Sami suggests that he could get full custody and then urges her son to have a paternity test done.

Gabi notices that Nick has a giant scar and wonders where he got it. Itís a memento from his time in prison and he doesnít want to talk about it. Julie shows up and conveniently blabs that it was from him being stabbed in custody. Nick still doesnít want to talk about it. Rafe shows up and worries to his sister about Samiís suggestion that Will could file for full custody. Nick is a convicted killer after allÖ Nick just happens to eavesdrop on this conversation. He buys some surveillance equipment and then texts ďI know your son shot EJ DiMeraĒ to Lucas. Nick plants the surveillance device on Will and then records the father and sonís discussion of the crime.


Monday February 4:
Chloe fakes a health issue with Parker to get Daniel's attention from Jennifer.
Parker calls Daniel "Daddy" for the first time.
Jenn has a warning for Chloe...
Kristen decides to jilt Brady at the altar but Brady isn't into marrying her.
Nick plots.
EJ and Sami make love.

Tuesday February 5:
Sami and Brady fight when he learns she and EJ reunited.
Again Kristen brings up marriage to Brady but with poor results.
Rafe learns EJ and Sami must have spent the night together.
Nick has a harrowing memory of his time in prison.
Cam and Abby share breakfast and a new beginning.

Wednesday February 6:
Rafe and Sami have a bitter fight about EJ and Gabi.
Sami urges Will to demand a paternity test.
Julie blabs to Gabi that Nick was almost murdered in prison.
Will gives Sonny back his key.
Victor is pressing charges on Nicole for the stolen Titan files.

Thursday February 7:
Nick buys a surveillance device and then sends an undetectable and ominous message to Lucas.
Jenn and Dan make plans to head to Chicago for a night with Brady and Kristen.
Nicole gives Jenn advice on how to deal with Chloe.
Nicole fights her feelings for Eric.

Friday February 8:
Chloe is furious to learn she was duped.
Parker develops a fever and Chloe gets frantic.
Kristen again pressures Brady about marriage.
Kristen feigns being drunker than she is in order to lure Brady in.
Lucas and Will hook up to discuss who sent Lucas the message about the shooting.

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