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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

I somehow wish they would have given Sami some character growth in this Will/Gabi story, at least in the beginning. I wish she would have a sit down talk with Will and Lucas about how they truly fucked up in those endless custody battles for him. Since Will already has said to both parents that HIS upbringing lead him down the path of making his decision to let go of the baby and give it up to Nick and Gabi to raise, then it would make sense for Sami to INITIALLY have Will TRY to work out some sort of shared custody agreement with Gabi. I get that this is a soap, so that likely won't work, or last if they do agree to it, but I would have preferred that Sami would TRY to steer Will in the right direction, initially, since that is something most parents would want to do. Then obviously once Nick continues to go coo coo and starts to threaten to take custody away from Will, then have Will make his own decision and try to win full custody....obviously if he has to scheme to do it, it's right up his alley. I just feel this story will be more about Ej and Sami helping Will do whatever he can to fuck up the future with his daughter, because eventually she will go through exactly the same crap he went through growing up, with coincidentally is something he didn't want for his child to begin with.
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