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NE Spoilers for the week of Feb. 4th

Steffy gives Liam an ultimatum that has greater meaning than he knows

Thomas calls Hope out on her recent attitude change

Taylor's years of built-up resent of Brooke are unleashed

Bill realizes his schemes have all be in vain

One couple's future looks rosy while the another's looks grim


SNS Spoilers for the week of February 4 - 8

After presenting Liam with an ultimatum, Steffy is stunned when he asks her to move out so he has space to think about his future.

Despite Taylor's urging, Steffy keeps her pregnancy a secret from Liam.

Brooke encourages Liam to reconcile with Hope.

Taylor's years of built-up resentment toward Brooke are unleashed.

Brooke is warned by Bill, to not not to underestimate Taylor.

Taylor and Eric get closer.

Eric names Thomas Vice President, and Rick is not pleased.

Thomas is cold to Hope.

Dayzee's past starts to intrude in her personal life.

COMING: Valentine's Day will probably bring trouble for some couples.

Additional Teasers wk 2/4

2/6, Taylor and Brooke dole out comfort advice to their daughters.
2/7, Bull urges Liam to see his current situation as it really is, not how he wants it to be.
2/8, Dayzee is forced to come clean to Marcus and Carter about her past with Maya.

Daily Spoilers wk Feb 4th

2/4, Steffy confronts Liam about Hope; Brooke tells Hope that Liam's commitment should be to her.

2/5, Liam's request takes Steffy by surprise; Taylor unleashes years of resentment towards Brooke.

2/6, Katie intervenes in an argument between Bill and Liam; Brooke and Taylor each comfort their daughters.

2/7, Bill tells Liam to see his situation as it really is; Steffy tells Taylor why she doesn't want to tell Liam about the pregnancy.

2/8, Dayzee reveals her past with Maya to Marcus and Carter; Brooke, Pam and Donna worry Eric is hiding something.

TV Guide Previews

2/4, Steffy presents Liam with an ultimatum; Hope sits impatiently by the phone as she awaits Liam's decision; Taylor has a candid conversation with Eric.

2/5, Steffy is stunned by Liam's unexpected request; Taylor's years of resentment toward Brooke are unleashed; Hope is taken aback by Thomas' admission about his feelings; Taylor seeks comfort from Eric.

2/6, Katie must intervene when Bill and Liam argue about Steffy and Hope; Taylor urges Steffy to tell Liam what she's been hiding; Brooke encourages Hope to remain optimistic.

2/7, Bill tries to persuade Liam to pick Steffy over Hope; Katie tells Hope what Bill is doing; Steffy shares with Taylor the reason why she's hesitant to inform Liam that she's pregnant.

2/8, Dayzee comes clean to Marcus and Carter about her past with Maya; Brooke, Pam and Donna become concerned that there is more to Eric's decision about Thomas than he is letting on; Taylor tells Liam he's making a mistake.
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