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Jen-Jen caught in a lie? One of her own making, or someone else's? Personally, I'm hoping for the former--it's high time she took a header off her pedestal. I wonder if she thinks Chloe is crying wolf over Parker's emergency and suppresses the message, only for it to be revealed that the emergency is genuine. Daniel can then start seeing that the Horton Princess's halo isn't nearly as bright as he thought it was.

Poor Brady. His inability to see that he's being played like a fiddle by Kristen is embarrassing. Talk about being led around by your dick. I wish Chloe was there to rescue him instead of to reclaim Dr. Sleaze.

I'm of two minds about the whole Will/Gabi/Nick storyline. While it's encouraging to hear that this is turning into an umbrella storyline, involving lots of characters--something which DAYS hasn't attempted in far too long--I wish the three principles were more compelling. Will's been kind of a wuss in this situation, Nick has turned into a one-dimensional control freak, and Gabi is her usual insipid, passive self. I remain unimpressed by T&W's choice of front-burner characters.
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