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Over the last few days we've been counting your posts, tweets, and pm's, and we've compiled a list of DR Fans' Top 10 Sami Moments. See if yours made the list!

10. Sami Falls Through the Glass Doors
This was Sami's first tango with the DiMera family as an adult. It doesn't end particularly well for her. While this story doesn't lead up to a Sami/DiMera union, it does pave the way for the eventual Lumi romance. This is one of those scenes that's enjoyable for Sami fans and Sami non-fans alike!
June 2003

"What is there not to like about Sami being thrown through the French doors? Even if you loved Sami, liked I did at the time, the way she barges in, hysterical to high heaven, irrational without an end in sight, pontificating her hypocritical nonsense breath after breath, the viewer can feel nothing but contempt for her outrageousness. It is when Tony changes from his cool demeanor to a figure of authority, putting her in her petulant place, the moment where Tony screams back in her face "Oh, I'll let you go Sami. You can go to HELL!" that anyone watching must stand up and applaud only to be gifted with the absolute joy of Sami FINALLY, after almost a DECADE, being shut up with a perfection that only a DiMera could create. And the best part of all? Not only was Sami mute for months, but it also showcased the complex relationship of Lucas and Sami becoming what most viewers from watching during all their years undoubtedly knew, that Lucas and Sami were each other's soulmates!" - Bright Eyes

9. Will's Conception
Will wanted Austin and Lucas wanted Carrie. The pair would spend years scheming to break up her sister and his brother. It was what happened in this scene, though, that would eventually make them fail. Nearly eighteen years later, they're watching in horror as their own son seemingly repeats their own mistakes. This is how it started.
February 1995

"Will's conception defined Sami's life in so many ways. It was a turning point in her life, but mainly for Days it helped drive story for various characters for about a decade. Most of Sami's stories from the point of Will's birth and for a good 8 years from that point forward can be traced back to than day in February of 1994." - Luvinglumi

8. Sami Finds Out EJ Kidnapped Sydney
August 2010
This was the final reveal from the Baby Switch/Sydnapping story. From Sami hiding her pregnancy, to Nicole switch the babies, to Grace dying, to EJ kidnapping and hiding Sydney, it was a pretty bumpy rollercoaster. There were more twists and turns for the pair to come, but this was the end of this nearly 2 year story.

"Alison and James were fantastic in these scenes, and Ali did a very good job showing all of Sami's emotions and disgust at EJ with just the look on her face and the sound of her voice." - am103

7. Lumi teach Will to Dance
This scene took place during the Salem Serial Killer story. Sami and Lucas overheadr Will talking about a school dance and they decided to teach him how. They started out awkwardly, but ended up being drawn together. Once they realized Will has left, in typical Lumi fashion they pretended to be completely disgusted at having to dance together. These two had come a long way from their schemes against one another.
October 2003

"It's one of the first salient moments of Sami and Lucas realizing their feelings for each other.They are fighting to even just avoid looking at each other. So it's like in spite of themselves, they allow each other to just exist in the moment and enjoy the closeness. AS plays the scene really well - hitting all those notes of reluctance and resistance, but honesty and vulnerability as well. That interesting bitchy/vulnerable dichotomy that Sami conveyed, is what made me love her so much way back when. She also just seemed so young to me in the scene - like she was discovering this kind of real mutual love for the first time. And that was big turning point for Sami, for the character - to know that she could love and be loved in that genuine way." - elci525

6. "I saw you!"
This was Alison Sweeney's first truly big scene, and it was a major turning point in a major story. This scene sets the stage for the conflict between Marlena and Sami that's still a part of their interactions to this day. This scene was even used in a flashback just last year. It's pretty rare that we get a truly classic flashback.
September 1993

"I know it's been pointed out on many of the top Sami moment lists, but it HAS to be on it. This is THE turning point that led to bad Sami and set her on the arc she'd be on for the next 13 years." - tomsawyer

5. Sami Confronts Nicole
At the time, this seemed to be the end of the Baby Switch story. It ended up taking a few more twists and turns, but the first set of reveals did not disappoint. This is one of many memorable confrontations between Sami and Nicole.
September 2009

"A lot of great Sami and Nicole scenes/fights over the years, but both AS and AZ were great when Sami confronted Nicole about Grace." - Ireland98
"Sami confronts Nicole about Grace/Sydney. 'Say it, Nicole! SAY IT?'"

4. Carrie Punches Sami
We've seen this referred to as "the punch heard 'round the world." It wasn't the first physical encounter between these two, and it wouldn't be the last. This scene rightfully comes up almost every time someone makes a compilation of memorable soap moments.
September 1997

'My favorite Sami scene is when Carrie punched her dead in the face at Sami's wedding to Austin, and exposed her for the liar that she was." - Sariah

3. Austin Leaves Sami at the Altar
In third place is the scene where Austin leaves Sami at the altar after finding out she lied about Lucas hitting Will. Can you believe it took nearly four years for that to come to light? This scene is the epitome of an old school Days payoff.
April 2002

"I thought it was the best performance Sweeney has ever given. I really felt for Sami when Austin left her after finding out she lied about Lucas hitting Will." - DrewHamilton

2. The Green Wedding
Our number two pick was the Lumi Green Wedding. It was the third attempt for these two, and the only one where they actually made it both to the church and through the vows. In typical Sami fashion, a secret was revealed at the reception, but this time her man stayed by her side. To the delight of many and to the exasperation of many, the couple's story didn't exactly go up from here.
May 2007

"There are many things I loved about the Green Wedding. We had waited so long for those two to actually get through a wedding, and I didn't read spoilers back then, so I was on the edge of my seat wondering what would ruin it for them. The part when EJ walked in during the ceremony, and I knew that was it--he was going to ruin it--but they kept right on going! Then the reception when Kate managed to play that bad video of Sami and Lucas stood up and Sami thought he was going to leave...but all he did was ask her to dance. So good!! The scene where she punched EJ in the face was priceless too! It was Sami's best wedding ever." - Vicki4Mimi

1. Sami on Deathrow
This was the favorite by far. The majority of the votes were for the scene with Marlena singing to Sami, but if we had counted them separately the scene with Lucas running in would have been a close second. Alison Sweeney has often referred to this storyline as one of her favorites as well.
June 1999

"I enjoyed the Marlena/Sami scenes before Sami's execution scene because we got to see a tender moment between Mother and Daughter who had been fighting for years. Deidre Hall & Alison Sweeney both gave great performances. You could tell in those scenes that even though Marlena & Sami had a rocky relationship, you could still see the love they had for each other. Sami was facing death, yet all she wanted was for her mom to hold her." - darraholic

And we have a few runners up.

Runners Up
Austin Runs Over Sami. Twice.
December 1996/January 1997
The description pretty much says it all.

"I thought AS played delusion perfectly & I actually felt sorry for her when Austin was telling her he never loved or cherished her & the thought of having sex with her made him sick. Add to that, Sami wasn't lying about the car but no one believed her & then the actual car backing over her, one of the best Sami scenes IMO, of all time." - SoapGal1

Grief Sex
History repeats itself in a much darker way.
November 2011

"EJ & Sami comfort each other over Johnny's "death", fight, and have grief sex." - Ginger
Sami Wants Her Baby to be a DiMera
Sami and EJ both think they have the upperhand.
April 2007

"This scene where she said she wanted her baby to be a Dimera gave me chills and the way she kissed EJ, it knocked him off his feet." - HalloweenFamily

Did we miss your favorite? Discuss these and any other favorites in this thread. If you have any idea for future compliations for us to do, let us know. Thanks for your participation!
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