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NE Spoilers week of Feb. 4th

Carly is forced to call the police on someone she once cared for

Anna finds herself on the wrong side of a gun

Will anyone come to Tracy's rescue when federal agents arrive to arrest her?

Luke blackmails Carly

Will Sonny come through for Connie when his relationship with Michael is on the line?


February 4th
Mac and FelIcia reunite with Kevin; Liz lets Patrick know that Sabrina has something to say.

February 5th
Britt delivers an ultimatum to Maxie; two couples get romantic

Episode Titles and Previews

(Rafe's Accusation)
2/4, Rafe makes an accusation about this mother's murderer; a bitter Britt comes close to revealing the truth about Spinelli's child to Lulu.

2/5, Description
Britt gives Maxie an ultimatum; two couples end their evenings with romance.

(John's Visit)
2/6, John visits Rafe in jail and asks him for assistance in finding his mom's killer; Olivia tells Connie to go easy on Kristina

(Carly and Todd)
2/7, Lucy has a vivid dream that prompts her to take action; Carly finds Todd in her office and tells him she has the contents of his safe.

(Rafe Escapes)
2/8, Rafe escapes from his cell, with the help of Andre and a cop; Duke gives some bad news to AJ and Michael about ELQ's assets.

Monday February 4:
It may be down to Heather to save Todd and Lucy.
Kevin startles Felicia and Mac.
Liz tells Patrick that Sabrina needs to tell him something.

Tuesday February 5:
Maxie receives an ultimatum from Britt.
Two couple are swept up in romance.

Wednesday February 6:
McBain gets stuck in the middle of a murder investigation.
Starr gets a surprise visitor when she drops by Michael's apartment.
Olivia does her best to convince Connie to ease up on Kristina.

Thursday February 7:
Tracy wants Luke to help her rebuild the company.
Carly turns someone in to the cops.
Anna winds up with a gun pointed at her.

Friday February 8:
Federal agents show up to arrest Tracy.
Carly is blackmailed by Luke.
Sonny may have to choose between Connie and Michael.

ABC plot points for two weeks

Olivia has a vision and accuses Sabrina of being after Steve.

Shawn figures out that Sonny is falling for Connie.

Heather comes up with a plan to help Todd and Lucy escape Ferncliff.

Kevin is knocked out trying to stop Lucy from escaping.

Todd shows up at Michaelís apartment; Starr sees him.

Todd asks Carly to go on the run with him.

Maxie makes a deal with Britt. She will help Britt seduce Patrick if Britt stays silent about Maxieís pregnancy.

Brittís plan has a fatal outcome.

Mac prepares to fight for Felicia.

John is arrested for Rafeís motherís murder.

Molly sneaks in and visits Rafe in jail.

Andre helps Rafe escape.

TJ and Molly fight over her feelings for Rafe.

Laura Spencer returns.

SOC Sneak Peek

Heather might be the key to Todd and Lucy's problems.

Britt forces Maxie to make a decision.

Romance sparks for two couples.

A murder mystery unfolds.

Federal agents arrive for Tracy.

Someone takes aim at Anna.

Source: SNS

Zap2it week Feb 4th

2/4, Heather has a possible solution to Todd and Lucy's troubles; Kevin's presence surprises Mac and Felicia; Elizabeth tells Patrick that Sabrina needs to talk to him.

2/5, Britt gives Maxie an ultimatum; a familiar face arrives in town; two couples share romance.

2/6, McBain tackles a murder mystery; Starr finds someone waiting for her at Michael's place; Olivia urges Connie to go easy on Kristina.

2/7, Tracy needs Luke's assistance; Carly must call the cops on a former friend; Anna faces a gun.

2/8, Federal agents arrive to arrest Tracy; Luke blackmails Carly; Connie needs Sonny to come through for her
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