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I'm not sure if Rafe ever knew that Sami was going to club Arianna in the head with the paperweight. Although talking about that reminded me of the scene where Nicole and Sami fought and Nicole's head hit the counter and she was knocked out. Rafe came in and said, what the hell, Sami? The way he said it was like, you've tried to kill someone again? I thought that scene was hilarious.

Rafe did say in the hospital that it would be for the best if Arianna lost her memory. In true Sami fashion, they had sex the day of her funeral. He then fanwanked the entire situation claiming that Arianna would be happy that he and Sami were together, maybe it was when they were getting married, when in fact, she literally died trying to get EJ the proof because she wanted to get Sami the hell away from Rafe.
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