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He skipped town after the cops caught on that he was running a sex ring.

I'm not really enjoying CM's acting choices right now. Will was finally stepping up with his words, but his body language is far too passive to fit the things that he's saying. BB, however, is playing his part to perfection. It's too bad Nick has become such a tool, but at least he's fascinating to watch. I also think this story is going to culminate in Nick physically abusing Gabi. Nick and Rafe are actually making me feel for the poor girl again. Between the two of them slowly chipping away at independence, it's no wonder her self esteem is so low.

Rafe really doesn't think very highly of Sami, does he? I'm glad he said what he did though and that EJ was there to back Sami up, even though she didn't need it. While I like supportive EJ, I hope menacing EJ comes back, soon. Time for some ejami plotting.

The Adrienne/Sonny scene was really really good. I didn't follow the adjustin love story, but I can see why she'd prefer her son to take an easier path. Sonny has already said he doesn't want kids right now, and this particular kid is bringing the triplet disasters that are Nick, Gabi and Sami with her.

Cameron needs to have a seat. Chad just told the truth, even if he did it for the wrong reason. It's not like he pan fried Will and Gabi's fetus. :rolleyes:

I saw a little spark with chabby when Chad said he'd started to feel like he was less alone.

I liked Sami's fierce protectiveness of Will during her talk with Adrienne. Both women had great points.
Lol, a sex ring? All I remember was something about an airline and I think Stephanie and others worked on it?
That airline was being used to smuggle women into the U.S. to work as prostitutes. IDK if you remember Jett, but it turned out he wasn't really Jerremy's friend - he was an undercover cop trying to stop the human trafficking.

Tom and Alice have some sketchy great grandsons lol.

ETA: tomswyer's post reminded me that fans called it Touch the Thigh after the truth about the airline got revealed. ;)
Tom & Alice seriously do, lol.
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