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Source Ryan also says they're all involved in a murder mystery. Alison and Rafe could fit on the canvas even if they don't do the "vampire" thing or go away from it. IF McBain turns out to be Caleb or a descendent of Caleb then Rafe will be his son or relative. Alison fits onto GH anyway. I'm a fan of hers but I know she's pretty polarizing. I'm glad this kid isn't Morgan because I don't even remotely miss Morgan. I couldn't stand Morgan at all. Until they fix the mess that is Kristina they shouldn't be worried about him. Plus Molly and TJ need someone to interact with and Morgan doesn't really fit that description because they're cousins. This works for me! Although so far the Alison part is just rumored, if this is her son you have to believe she's popping in. probably for the Nurses Ball.
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