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Jan 23 2013, 07:49 PM
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I definitely got a sense of controlling from Nick today. Strong sense. If Nick ends up being abusive towards Gabi, I will definitely compliment Tomlin/Whitesell for laying the right groundwork early on in the game. Nick was totally giving me that Lifetime movie boyfriend vibe today. I do think it would be interesting to see a soap opera character that isn't brought on to be the abuser become the abuser. So often when soaps do these domestic abuse storylines, they just bring on a character that has no real connection with the audience, so it's easy for them to hate the character. Nick is a Horton. How would the audience react to him being abusive? It wouldn't be so easy to just throw the character away, and deem him a monster since he's a Horton. It would be interesting.

Loved the ending with Will walking into the hospital room in time to hear Cameron tell Gabi and Nick she's having a girl.

I was glad to see Sami make an attempt to contact Lucas. The entire time EJ and Sami were discussing what they could do to help Will with custody, I kept saying Lucas should be in this scene. It would've been much more interesting to see Lucas react to EJ offering his help to ensure Will has a right to his baby. Sure, Lucas hates EJ more than anyone probably, but Will is very important to Will, and would Lucas put the animosity aside in order to help his son? Very interesting. Still hope to see that at some point.

Okay, so chemistry-wise, the Chad/Abigail/Cameron triangle is great. Mansi has great chemistry with both Deidrick and Owens. Hell, Deidrick and Owens even have great rivalry chemistry. I just hope Tomlin/Whitesell don't drop the ball and half-ass this the way Chad and Abigail's initial romance was handled.
You and me both! And I agree about the interesting layers inserting Lucas into this storyline would provide. That would be a hard pill for Lucas to swallow, being on board with EJ helping Will. But can you IMAGINE what a Lucas, Sami, EJ team would be like? Not triangle, but team. I think that sounds so amazingly novel with lots of potential. All this talk of Ejami plotting touches such a sensitive chord for me - it flat out angers me. :angry: Seems this would be a perfect time for some Lumi plotting, or Lumate plotting, with EJ in the mix b/c he has to be I suppose, as a lawyer. And no stranger to plots either.

Some of this might happen tomorrow during the Lumi convo, but I suspect it will be all of ten seconds, so probably not. Eh, what's a Luca fan to do?

I am really impressed with Blake. Nick is rather fascinating to watch. I loved lovable nerd Nick so much, but this incarnation is really compelling. Loved his scenes with Will today.

And, awww, it's a girl. Hooray. Laney Alice Arianna Horton? Layna Ari Katherine Horton? Arianna Nicola Allie Horton?
I'm all for Lucas, Sami, EJ and Will plotting together. Ask LL, she will tell you about my dreams of all of them moving in together as one happy family.

Really though, your post just shows why TeamWill should kick TeamGabi's ass. They simply have more people that know how to win a fight like this. Yeah, TeamGabi has ol' crazy eyes and their new draft pick, Nicole (seriously good pick-up), but TeamWill has Sami, EJ, Lucas and Kate. It's no contest. Really, the only way TeamWill loses is if infighting leads to self-destruction. Wait, I could definitely see that happening. Uh oh.
THAT is exactly why Team Will is in trouble. When have Sami, Kate, EJ, and Lucas not had their big schemes and plans blow up in their faces?

On the other hand, Team Gabi has Nick, the genius who's only downfall was the pain pills and he's not on those anymore. You have Rafe who might not know how to scheme, but doesn't have history of felonies (documented ones anyway) to be shoved in his face. And you have Nicole. Granted her schemes tend to blow up in her face, but not when she's scheming on behalf of someone else (see Everett's election to mayor). Plus, from what I can see, Team Gabi is definitely going to have Julie on their side. That pretty much trumps anything Team Will can dig up.

Don't get me wrong, I don't want Will cut out of his child's life, but this isn't as one-sided as it looks. :)
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