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Today was a great all around episode.

Nick STFU! Every time he talks he makes me cringe. I do hope that once Will and Sonny get back together that Sonny decks him. Blake is doing a great job but Nick is almost unwatchable right now. Gabi is just as bad if not worse standing by Nick no matter how it makes Will feel. Nice to see Will standing up like a man finally taking responsibility for his child. But color me confused. He told Sonny that he didn't tell him because he was scared he'd lose him but he told Nick that not telling the truth had nothing to do with thinking he'd lose Sonny??? Was that bad writing or again Will not knowing what is the truth?

Loved the Sonny and Adrienne scenes. Sonny is obviously to torn up over Will and his mom was making it worse. She needed to be there to comfort him not make him feel worse and she was obviously gloating in the fact she knew she was right about Will all along. So seems Will and Sonny have been having more sex than anybody else in salem lately since they've spent every night together. Finally Sonny got to show some emotion today. So nice to finally see.

I do feel for Will but Sami thinking Will's pain outweighs Sonny's is pure crap. I am tired of Will always being the victim. He caused the mess he is in. So no Sami, your son's pain isn't more important than how Sonny is feeling. Sonny let himself fall in love with a guy that betrayed him for months.

Loved the Will and Sonny scenes. Today reminded me how much better they are when real drama and angst is thrown in. Loved Sonny finally letting Will know that he won't just forgive him at the snap of a finger. So glad they didn't drop the fact Sonny told Will he wasn't ready for kids. But Sonny is so right that had he known what happened with Will, he may have seen things different. The fact is Will didn't trust their love enough to tell Sonny the truth and let him decide what for himself what he wants.

EJ gloating over Sami and Rafe arguing was kind of funny :laugh: .

Rafe STFU also. Really Rafe, Gabi and Nick all need to STFU!
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