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Jan 23 2013, 10:03 PM
The more I think about it, the more I think Team Gabi is sneaky powerful. For one, they have defined roles. Nicole comes up with the scheme, Nick (the control freak) lays out the plan to execute the scheme, and Rafe can mindlessly follow directions. Hell, all Nicole and Nick have to do is plant some stuff for Rafe to find and he'll run with it on his own. That's scarily efficient.

On the other hand, Team Will suffers from way too many cooks in the kitchen with no defined roles and a huge likelihood of screwing each other up by cross-scheming. Given their collective history, I might have to make them a slight underdog.
This is exactly why this baby\custody story has so much potential. It could be really fantastic if the writers focus on the battle lines and both sides going all out to win.

Unfortunately, I have learned to keep my expectations in check because rarely are they ever met. Granted, I was ready to grab my torch and pitchfork and march on the studio when word leaked last summer that Will and Gabi would be having sex. I thought these writers had lost their minds by peddling such crap. However along the way, the story hasn't been nearly as bad as I feared. In fact, there have been several outstanding moments and episodes during the past several months. I only hope the captain of this ship is able to maintain this course without hitting an iceberg.

I was hoping for more fireworks between Adrienne and Sami; but their scenes were still good. I hope Lucas and Kate will have their chances to weigh in with Sami and the same goes for Sonny. I also want to see Hope, Maggie and Julie have some meaningful conversations with Nick as that angle of the story has not been told so far.

Overall, today's episode was pretty entertaining and fun to watch. I am impressed that an entire episode was devoted to the fallout of Chad's wedding bombshell well over a week ago. His big brother should take note on how to screw up the lives of so many Salemites. Did Chad and Kristen have a top secret, off screen pow wow where she tutored him on being a DiMera? Instead of sulking and being apologetic, Chad should hold his head up high and be proud of all of the chaos he has caused.

Why the hell hasn't anyone given Sonny a hug?
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