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Jan 23 2013, 11:18 PM
Jan 23 2013, 10:00 PM
Wilson fans just had a thought: What if Will tells Sonny about what Brian said happened on their date. Sonny believes him & they go & confront Brian. Brian however drops some info too. He says I was at the coffeehouse & over heard Sonny & Chad talking about how Gabi hired her stalker & knew that he had kidnapped Melanie & didnt say anything. Could Sonny keeping that secret for Chad come back & bite Sonny in his ass. Maybe Brian learned the secret around the time Sonny did. Maybe he was at Common grounds & Overheard Chad & Sonny, but never thought to use it that is until his lie was exposed. So why not expose one of Sonny's
I'm not sure if it will play out exactly like that, but it's an interesting theory.

In any case, I've been saying for a while now that I think (and hope) that the secret is going to cause some problems down the road. Either Sonny is going to struggle with his decision to keep Chad's secret, knowing that it's something that Will needs to know (and that he's keeping a secret from Will after getting upset with Will for doing the same thing), or Will is going to find out at a bad time and get upset with Sonny for keeping the secret. I'd prefer to see Sonny struggle with his decision and ultimately tell Will the truth himself, though.

If the writers don't do something with the fact that Sonny knows this secret that could have a huge impact on Will's fight for custody of his baby...well, "missed opportunity" doesn't even begin to describe that.
Agree that would be such a wasted opportunity. They have to use this secret at some point. I almost hope Sonny keeps it and then Will gets upset in return at Sonny. But could that be where this other prison guy comes into play? What is Will gets upset with Sonny and starts dating this other guy? Not sure I like that. Will already has been swept up in Gabi for months because he had a one night stand with her. I just have this weird feeling about this prison guy. Or maybe the secret does come out and it's what finally makes Will turn on Gabi completely and is what turns this story from Will/Gabi/Nick to Wilson vs. Nabi. Seems to me if Freddie is taping with James there is a custody battle starting up. I see no other reason for Sonny and EJ scenes.
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