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Viewing Single Post From: Will sees Sonny and Brian Kiss!

i just read all the comments and they are great. really good suggestions. writers you got a real good chance for a great story hear pleaseeeeeee don't mess it up and let it play out for a while sonny will and now brian can be a good story .... i love sonny but he is to calm and mellow. he has to wake up put vigor in his acting show deeeeeep emotion. he just found out the man he fought for so long is having a kid with gabi. is character is si mellow and bland. ya gotta spice up the acting writers give him story so he can show us he can act give him drama.let him yell,cry,scream even drink a little he has to loose it to make this story work. hesw to calm and mellow........ hes got to act the crap out of this cry a little show the depest emoyion man put a packin onion in yer pocket if ya got to in order to shed the tears. your an actor don't disappoint act the crap out of this me buddy. :rockon:
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