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Jan 23 2013, 10:54 PM
Jan 23 2013, 10:50 PM
BB is doing great, totally buying his intense and controlled version of cray. Will's face when he found out he was having a daughter was beautiful. Wished there was more to the Adrienne/Sami scenes, but I did take Sami's point that Will is under a tad more stress than Sonny is. LOVED EJ defending Sami and somehow managed to hate Rafe even more after he said that all the kids were going to be screwed. Too bad they can't be wonderful, productive, sane members of society like his sainted sister.
Though Gabi is certainly not 'sainted' I don't find her actions much worse than any of Sami's - thus far.

So I do wish Sami had shown more compassion towards Gabi on her wedding day - lies or no lies.

God knows Sami would have done the same thing and hoped people would forgive her. How many times have we watched her cry and grovel at her many failed weddings, lol?

Sami's gotta know the pain it would cause to have a child taken from her. So I would hope that she wouldn't try to do that to someone else although she's already done it to all the fathers of her children so I'm not holding my breath.
lol, of course Sami would fake having a stalker to catch the eye of another man and of course she'd be 50% responsible for blowing up the town and killing several residents....but she isn't the guilty one this time which is why both Sami and I are feeling completely fine with judging Gabi for doing something Sami so would have done back in the day. :tounge:

I don't see a character like Sami having much regard for rational thinking the moment she found out that Gabi was lying to her the whole time about the paternity of her child, and especially not since she found out that Gabi and Nick have been trying to talk Will out of being a parent to this child. Yes, Sami would of course do the exact same thing, but Sami has no problem judging others for the very same sins she's committed. The phrase "Do as I say, not as I do." was tailor made for Sami.
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