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Yesterday's show wasn't that bad. I actually started laughing during the confrontation between Rafe and Sami. Frankly, the writing thus far isn't convincing me that Safe's breakup is more about them than anything else, still seems their breakup is all about how Sami has behaved toward Gabi and Rafe not liking it and how Rafe has accused Will of things and Sami not liking it....and Rafe spewing that he's finally seen Sami's true colors and how outright cruel she's behaved toward his sister...dude YOU were there when she shot EJ and then 2 years after that moment, ended up fucking him....so shut up, you KNOW Sami's true colors more than anyone else, you just have an issue when they are directed at you or your family....

I have to give it to Esp, the name Everett fits this guy we use to know as EJ, to a tee. Who is this person we are seeing? The stuff coming out of his mouth is so not Ej. I was one of the ones that criticized the writing for him when he was paired with Taylor and Nicole. That lovey dovey act doesn't suit the character unless we see him do something underhanded to go with it. At least with Taylor he was holding the Rafe2 behind his back while sniffing that scarf, and with Nicole he did some shit with the election that was very much in character for Ej. This guy on screen now is all rainbows and butterflies, he's soooo sweet it's giving me a cavity. For example, when Rafe mentioned that Johnny and Syd would grow up as screwed up as Will is and EJ came forward with the stuff about Johnny and Sydney growing up knowing that they have two parents that loved them, I WISH the writers would insert dialogue from Rafe stating if he was thinking that way when he had Sami tell Johnny that she didn't love him right before he went into surgery for cancer. Frankly it's shit like this that I can't take and I guess whomever said up thread that when watching Days you have to pretend that anything that happened more than 6 months ago never happened is right, problem is I'm not Caroline, I don't forget stuff (yet) and I would appreciate if Days didn't try to insult my intelligence every time they go on the air, lol.

I think BB is doing an EXCELLENT job at playing fucked up crazy Nick. I am not on his side, I'm on #teamwill but frankly, if whatever happened in prison to him explains some of this fucked up behavior then I can see the audience at least feeling sympathetic to the character. LOVED that Will finally stood up and told him he wasn't going to give up custody of his child period. Good going Will. Also, what's up with Gabi....is she intimidated by Nick? Why can't she speak? What's up with that?

Adrienne and Sami's scene was fine. I sort of get both ladies on this one, they are each defending their sons.

I'm glad that Sami remembered that she had to talk to Lucas about this someday...you know before the next ice age comes....

Esp mentioned up thread that she could see how #teamnick might have an edge over #teamwill and I agree. I would love for all of those in support of Will (Sami, Lucas, Kate, EJ) would team together for Will's sake, scheme and do anything they can to actually get Will custody of his daughter. Problem is that too much infighting would occur, and they couldn't help themselves...Ej and Lucas would not see eye to eye, Kate and Sami would not see eye to eye...Lucas would suspect EJ's involvement could only harm Will's chances and stupid Sami wouldn't agree with that, so Lumi would start bickering....it would be an enjoyable mess, but a mess nonetheless...while #teamnick has the players that could work together, put aside any differences they would have and look out for Gabi and Nick's interests in this and I do think that somehow Will is going to lose the initial round here, but he'll eventually win the war I'm sure and if his daughter's custody battles are anything like his, I can expect years of back and forth on this one.
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