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Jan 23 2013, 11:26 PM
Jan 23 2013, 10:35 PM
Jan 23 2013, 03:04 PM
I love how Will only seems to have one parent on canvas. :sarcasm: :flipoff:
Sad how Lucas isn't involved really at all in this baby story :(
Lucas is not in any story... he just goes around and yells at people.
Whatever, doesn't change the fact that there is every reason he SHOULD be more involved in this story, and isn't, and that was the point of the original post. His scenes with Will last week were incredible. And he was yelling b/c he was angry - crimony - and flummoxed by what he thought he son was doing. But was he yelling every second of his scenes? No, he wasn't, because that is not all he does. He had important, valuable things to say that only he could say as they came from his unique perspective as Will's dad who was denied paternal rights in the beginning. And I just know when he shows up on Thursday, it will just to be talk about Ejami, which is gross. Why is it EJ and Sami discussing Will when, ehm, Lucas should PROBABLY figure into those conversations too. It's annoying as fuck and just not right. I'd rather watch Lucas yell and contribute something, than see whatever this EJ monstrosity is spew rainbows and daffodils. And fact remains that, as Will's dad with a bit of custody scheming under his own belt, there is no question Lucas should be more involved. Kate too. But the current s/line agenda doesn't allow for them, so there you go. This is apparently more about pitting Sam and Rafe on opposite sides, Sami's feelings of betrayal, Rafe's feelings of betrayal, Ejami's feeling of whatever, Rafe angry at EJ over what he's done to Sami, EJ angry at Rafe over what he is saying to Sami, Sami enjoying ANOTHER bout of men fighting if not over her, then about her, etc. So yeah, a logical character insertion like Lucas, has no place in that shitfest. And when he does show up, it will be to talk more about Ejami, to isolate further Ejami as a unit, etc. and it makes me so sad to waste Lucas like that. Should expect it by now, but it still makes me sad.
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