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Jan 23 2013, 10:13 PM
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Will liked Arianna. Plus, he was there for Gabi when Arianna died. I can see him agreeing to name the child Arianna.

What I don't want to happen is for the girl's middle name to be anything related to Alice. Will and Great-Granny Horton were NEVER close, so don't pretend they were. Arianna Marlena Horton better be it. Or Caroline or Katherine. One of those three. Nothing else.
Will treated her terribly just before her death and it would be odd to name his child after her and make his daughter a constant reminder of a dark moment in his life.

They really shouldn't name her after anyone. All the good girlnames have been used multiple times.
Really? Hmm, now that you said that I'm starting to recall there being friction between them leading up to Arianna's death. It was the argument with Will that led to Arianna running off in the middle of the street, huh? I forgot about that. Still, I remember Will feeling awful for being involved, and I could totally see him agreeing to name the baby Arianna for Gabi's sake.
Will had an argument with Arianna right before she chose to run into oncoming traffic, but he didn't cause her to do so, and I wouldn't say that he "treated her terribly". The worst thing that he said to her was, "What kind of person are you?" If that suddenly qualifies as treating someone terribly, it's news to me. Saying that Will's argument with Arianna led to her death is like saying that Brady's marriage proposal led to Madison's death.

And yes, Will and Sami both felt horrible about what had happened (even though, again, Will had no reason to feel guilty, IMO). It wasn't like they were rooting for her to die or anything like that.

I don't want the child to be named after Arianna, as I've already stated, but I completely disagree with the suggestion that the child shouldn't be named after Arianna because of some inaccurate belief that Will treated her terribly before her death.
You don't have to resort to creating a reason why others think what he did was wrong. FTR, it was terrible of him to attempt to guilt her into covering up an attempted murder. It was terrible of him to grab her when she tried to leave. And he contributed to the mental state she was in when she ran out into the street, making him morally partially responsible, explaining why he felt guilty. And it's not suddenly terrible to do these things. It's always been terrible to pressure people to committing crimes and to touch them in an aggressive way. And I don't think Will would want to be reminded of that time, which was not a shining moment in his life, which is why I think the name would be an odd choice.

Moving on...
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