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Lucas and Rafe clashing over Gabi and Will's rights would be actually refreshing....it's something that makes sense and it plays into the story. Lucas is siding with Will and what he wants, obviously he thought it was a bad decision for Will to give up his child to Gabi and Nick. Obviously Rafe thinks that Will didn't want the child and convinced Gabi to get an abortion and all. Rafe will not want Will to be part of this child's life, I can see it coming and frankly that alone is cause for them to not see eye to eye.

It doesn't always have to be about Ej and Rafe and how they can't get along because of what he did to him or about Sami. I just wish this show would use some common sense in their writing and not make it seem that we've entered a twilight zone when Ej belongs more in this story than Lucas does. It's bullshit, as I said before, Ej and Sami can have a fucking story and so can Lucas....the problem is that they don't want to feature Lucas for some odd reason.....
of course they do not

the only reason i want gabi have baby because i thought there no way they can have lucas not be big part of the story i did not give them enough credit that they will work over time to keep lucas away from the story
Regardless of who wants what to happen to what twosome... All this bird wants is for Gabbi and Will to name their daughter Arianna for her sister who they killed off, and was one of the prettiest additions to the show... I hope, no I pray that tptb hear this, and so name her..... :wub2:
Lindsay Hartley really is stunning.
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