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Well, whaddya know! There's Lucas. Going to see Sami. About their son. The way some people talk, you'd think he hadn't been on screen for 2 months, not 2 days/episodes and wasn't going to be seen again until the 12th of never.
Em, no that's not it. I mean, yes I don't know if and when he will be seen again. I mean, I knew this was coming from spoilers, and from what I have read there isn't another mention of him in the next few weeks, but that is spoilers. But that it's taken THIS LONG for Lucas and Sami to have a conversation about Will. And the first things out of Sami's mouth are, the kids are all at sleepovers - not even CONSIDERING that Will's situation might be a timely topic of discussion for she and Lucas together, his parents. It's not that I worry he isn't going to be seen again until the 12th of never. I mean, I do, as all signs indicate that, but whatever. It's that given who he is, that he is Will's father, that he and Sami were once, you know, married and together, that they were friends, that they have a history, he is only a marginal figure in this storyline. I know the storyline is nascent, and if the writers are more interested in telling other stories, that is fine. But that is what is upsetting. And here Lucas is, immediately talking about Ejami. B/c that is all that really matters, right? Not that I blame him for making the observations he's making. But that is just me maybe.

The way some ppl talk, this is the concern - the frustration that it makes perfect sense for Lucas to be more of a participant in the story, and he is relegated to the sidelines (other than the great convos with Will last week, but again those were isolated. Once they were done, he was just gone). Trust me, if in a few weeks he does become a very active, involved participant, I will be shouting from the rooftops with glee, admitting I had jumped to conclusions too soon. But I suspect that won't be happening.
ITA....it's more about having the scenes play out that should have played out earlier in the week or last week, but instead other people get exchanges that pretty much belonged to Will's parents....
Lucas got to talk to Will first before ANYONE else right after the truth came out and Will bolted from the church. Then, everyone else got to have conversations with him. In fact, Lucas got probably the most meaningful talk with Will because he was the first to read him the riot act and try to get him to step up.

Could they stand to involve Lucas more? Sure. However, they've involved him enough thus far where it can be said they've played that beat. The only interaction lacking here is Kate. We could use more of her involvement but, outside of that, they've done a fine job across the board. They are even focusing on Sonny, Justin, and Adrienne and making sure that side of it is represented.

And I'm not bothered it took this long for Sami and Lucas to talk about it. It's only been one day in Salem time and considering the current state of their relationship (which is civil but not exactly a relationship in which they seek each other out unless they have to), it makes sense for it not to happen until one of them resigned themselves to finally reaching out to the other because they realize they have to talk things over at some point.
Oh, I never said that Will and Lucas didn't get to talking...I loved that those scenes happened because if ANYONE had to have that chat with Will alone FIRST it was Lucas...but I also felt it was a huge plot device to have Nick hear them....but regardless of that, I loved those scenes. My main complaint is that Will's parents didn't get to talking about this before today, and then when he shows up she sort of forgot that she called him to specifically talk about this. Yeah, it's only two days after the wedding at most, but she still got to talking to virtually everyone but Lucas about this issue, when IMHO she or Lucas should have sought each other out to discuss exactly what went on before. I don't need a romantic connection with Lumi anymore, but it's obvious (at least to me) that there is an attempt to not have them share ANY scenes, even when it makes sense....the last Lumi scene (minus the St. Lukes Christmas scenes with no dialogue) was way back in October...I might be wrong but it just feels like they couldn't care less to actually have him around much less have him share screen time with Sami....so why should I even think that they are going to include him in this story much at all....and he absolutely belongs.....I agree about Kate though, she's the one that truly needs to start weighing in now.
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