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Oh, I never said that Will and Lucas didn't get to talking...I loved that those scenes happened because if ANYONE had to have that chat with Will alone FIRST it was Lucas...but I also felt it was a huge plot device to have Nick hear them....but regardless of that, I loved those scenes. My main complaint is that Will's parents didn't get to talking about this before today, and then when he shows up she sort of forgot that she called him to specifically talk about this. Yeah, it's only two days after the wedding at most, but she still got to talking to virtually everyone but Lucas about this issue, when IMHO she or Lucas should have sought each other out to discuss exactly what went on before. I don't need a romantic connection with Lumi anymore, but it's obvious (at least to me) that there is an attempt to not have them share ANY scenes, even when it makes sense....the last Lumi scene (minus the St. Lukes Christmas scenes with no dialogue) was way back in October...I might be wrong but it just feels like they couldn't care less to actually have him around much less have him share screen time with Sami....so why should I even think that they are going to include him in this story much at all....and he absolutely belongs.....I agree about Kate though, she's the one that truly needs to start weighing in now.
At least we're on the same page, LL ;)
ARen't we always! ;)
Pretty much!!
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