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the problem lucas should not just pop up he should be big part of the story and if lucas is nonimportant to story to be big part of it to that logic neiter should sami be important to story too
Yeah, but Sami is pushy and much more assertive than Lucas. She's in a league of her own. You can't justify Lucas to play as big as a role. He said his peace and I'm sure there will be opportunity later for him to do so again.
Assertive doesn't have anything to do it, and happen to disagree with your assessment. Can't justify him playing a bigger role? HE'S WILL'S FATHER. Have him just pop up to say his peace?! HE'S WILL'S FATHER.

Whatever - I am tired of talking about this. It is what it is. Hopefully Lucas will have semi-substantial scenes in the s/line, and that's that.
Right. And it's not only that he's Will's father, but his own personal story has certain parallels from the male/father perspective with Will's current situation. Will is the one on the outside looking in, and Lucas is the only one in this story with that perspective. Sami is the one who kept Lucas on the outside, she can give that perspective in relation to Gabi, but Lucas is needed as the one who had his child kept from him by the child's mother for the first years of his life and what being a father meant to him once he knew Will was his child. I would think as Will is in the Lucas role, that Lucas would be paramount to this story.
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