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By your own post, the scheme ended months ago, so where's the current scheme?
because the writers did not bother to prove otherwise ej really stop scheme offscreen it like the writers turn off switch stuff like that never believable
What scheme hasn't he stopped?
He schemed to get Sami to work for him. It wasn't as innocent as she was led to believe -- he made a deal with Kristen so that he could be Sami's boss and exploit that role to spend more time with her.

He also schemed to get Rafe out of the picture, but Kristen shot down that ridiculous request (the seduction scheme). Sami doesn't know about that, either.

He wasn't completely honest about what he knew about Kristen, either. He told Sami that he had been unaware that Kristen had been sleeping with Brady, and while that was true, he neglected to mention that he was aware that she had been plotting against John.

He schemed to use his baby's death as a way to make Sami see him in a different light, opting to give Rafe and Daniel a free pass for everything that they had done because seeking revenge would have jeopardized his whole "I've changed!" tour. Sami doesn't know about that.

He bragged about these schemes -- and how they were "working perfectly" -- to Kristen and Chad, and he's done so recently. They might be fairly innocent schemes -- I'm not disputing that. I once described them as tame and lame, and that's exactly what they are. They don't make E.J. look like a monster, unlike some of his other schemes. I will happily acknowledge that. However, they're still schemes.

The show has gone out of its way to show us that E.J. has been scheming to get Sami to believe that he has changed -- he's not acting this way because he's suddenly seen the light and decided to be a better person. He's acting this way because he knows that he has a much better chance of getting Sami to fall in love with this fake version of himself than he does of getting her to fall in love with who he really is. If the writers wanted us to truly believe that E.J. had changed, that his hands were completely clean, and that he had laid all of his cards out on the table for Sami, none of the things that I mentioned above (all of which the current regime penned, unlike some of the other skeletons in E.J.'s closet that Sami doesn't know about) would have happened.
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