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Golden Duck
Jan 24 2013, 03:27 PM
Today's show was just so so. I loved Ned and Tracy, and Todd and Johnny. The Michael and AJ and Sam and John stuff was okay. But, I cannot tolerate the hospital crew. And, dragging Carly into it was enough to piss me off. Another character I like propping SabrinaSue.
Pretty much summed up my own thoughts.

Ned and Tracy were great. As much as I'm rooting for AJ and not wanting to see him be viewed anymore as a joke or a loser, I can't help but root for Tracy (too) and love every bit of her scheming. I can't believe she called Sonny. LMAO. This should be fun.

Todd and Johnny were fun. McBain and Todd really should take their act on the road. I actually like McBain with Todd. I hate his monotone, grave, serious voice when he's with Sam. UGH. Quit the whispering shit and just speak. It drives me nuts.

I hate to say it but Britt is KINDA growing on me. She IS much more tolerable away from this horrid triangle. Little Brooklyn is so good as Emma. Can't wait to see Britt get told tomorrow by her.

I didn't mind Carly involved in Sabrina/Felix's little mess. But it was clear Sabrina propping. Felix is also growing on me and I hope he and Carly continue to interact.
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