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Nikki/Victor: Nikki prepares for her wedding but something unexpected happens that may put those plans to a halt. Fans will be confronted with a shocking ending.

Nick/Avery/Dylan: Nick finds himself battling jealousy like never before when Dylan suddenly reappears. Dylanís return blindsides Avery since she believed he was dead. It will impact her relationship with Nick.

Jack: Fans will see a new improved Jack. Will he be successful in following in his father's footsteps or will something threaten his goal?

Billy/Victoria: It's romance for Billy and Victoria. They will be about less boardroom and more bedroom.

Adam/Chelsea: Adam choosing Newman over Chelsea impacted their relationship but things may not be over the couple. However, If Chelsea and Adam are over could someone new catch her eye?

Sharon: Sharon may opt out of relationship entanglements for now. She is becoming stronger and independent but she is still drawn to Adam.

Mason: Will be tempted to make a deal with the devil (Victor)

Carmine: Will become the object of someoneís eye

Alex: May find a romantic reason to stick around Genoa City but will the girl in question be free, as in is she married or single? Will she return those feelings or face heartbreak?

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Nikki/Victor: The plans for the wedding continue. But at the last moment Nikki gets some shocking news that "could" cause her to call off the wedding.

Nick/Avery/Dylan: Dylan's arrival will really shake up Nick and Avery's relationship at a time when they had become even closer

Billy/Victoria: There will be conflict over the Newman battle but they remain very close and around Valentine's Day spend some romantic time together

Chelsea/Adam/Sharon: Head writer JG says Sharon and Adam's history indicates they are "toxic" together. So the question Adam will have to answer is does he want to re-enter a relationship with Sharon or try to win Chelsea back who is coming into her own as a single woman?

Michael/Lauren/Fen: Michael takes a stand that threatens everything he has. The decision Michael makes has hugh ramifications for his marriage and family.

Leslie/Tyler/Lily/Cane: Leslie and Tyler are part of a mystery. Congressman Wheeler is going to figure into that and it is going to affect not only Leslie and Tyler but also Lilly and Cane and draws in Nick and Avery.

Noah/Adrianna/Kevin/Chloe: Noah and Adrianna are going to clash over the money she stole. Kevin and Chloe are looking to get even for the rug being pulled out from under them in regard to the money

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